Koos Konijn

Planning a holiday with your children? Come to one of our child-friendly holiday parks, and have a wonderful time. There are all kinds of organised activities, and while our team is entertaining the kids with sports and activities, you can have some time for yourself. And if your children are enjoying themselves, you will enjoy your holiday even more. Your holiday will be even more fun if Koos Konijn is around!

Let us introduce...

‘Hi, my name is Koos Konijn, and I’m the Roompot Parcs mascot. My hobbies are dancing at the mini-disco, playing with children at the holiday parks and doing arts & crafts at the Koos Kids’ Club. My favourite songs are the ‘Koos Move’ and ‘Choo-Choo Wa’. My favourite foods are carrots, especially carrot cake – I’ll never say no to carrot cake! Come take a look at my own website, www.kooskonijn.nl!’

See you soon!
Koos Konijn

Activities with Koos Konijn

Koos Konijn comes to wake up the children in the morning via the Koos Wake-Up Route across the park, and takes them to the Koos Kids’ Club. After the Wake-Up Route, everybody dances the Roompot Holiday Dance with Koos Konijn, and after that they go to the Koos Kids’ Club for some arts & crafts. Koos Konijn has made a selection of different activities, such as making a Koos kite, a Koos T-shirt, baking biscuits and lots more!
But the mini-disco is really Koos Konijn’s favourite activity: that’s where he can dance around with the children to all the best songs.
And together with the activities team, Koos Konijn will make sure that the children will have an unforgettable holiday!

Friesparty with Koos Konijn

Give your children an unforgettable holiday and book your child or children into the Friesparty with Koos Konijn. Lots of handicrafts, storytime sessions and playful rough and tumble. A bag of chips rounds off the fun.

The Friesparty with Koos Konijn is specially designed for children aged from 3 years up to 12 years. It is held every Sunday afternoon from Easter Weekend until the end of the year. While your child tucks into chips, we'd love to serve you in our restaurant. Click here for more information on participating parks.

This fantastic experience will make your holiday complete!

Where to find Koos Konijn?

Dutch parks
Boscamping ’t Wolfsven
Boscamping De Schaapskooi
Camping Callassande
Camping De Zandput
Camping Dishoek
Camping De Katjeskelder
Kampeerresort Hof Domburg
Camping Klein Vink
Kustcamping Egmond aan Zee
Kustpark Texel
Camping Pannenschuur
Roompot Beach Resort
Camping Hunzedal
Camping Kijkduin
Camping Zeebad

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Knutselen met Koos Konijn

Koos op het park

Koos op het park

Meet Greet en Eat

Koos op Hyves


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