• Can I still go on holiday despite the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    • Are all Roompot holiday parks open?


    • Can I stay in 1 house with friends or family?

    • Is the swimming pool open?

    • What measures are Roompot taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    • Where can I eat during my holiday?

    • Do I need to be quarantined in the Netherlands when coming to the Netherlands on holiday from abroad?

    • Should I be tested when I go on holiday to a French park?

    • Should I be tested when I go on holiday to a German park?

    • When do I have to wear a mouth mask or show a corona access card?

    Leisure voucher general

    • How does the leisure voucher work?

    • How long will the leisure voucher remain valid?

    • Can I give the leisure voucher to someone else?

    Leisure voucher booking

    • Can I use the leisure voucher for multiple bookings?

    • Do I have to spend the whole amount of the leisure voucher at once? 

    • Can I use a Roompot Holiday Gift together with the leisure voucher for a booking? 

    • I've already booked a new holiday with the leisure voucher. Now I want to add extras. Can I use the leisure voucher to pay for them?

    Leisure voucher value & credit

    • I want to redeem (the balance on) my leisure voucher, how do I do that?

    • When will my leisure voucher funds be refunded?

    • What is the value of the leisure voucher? 

    • I have already partially used the leisure voucher. Can you tell me how much credit is left on it? 

    Leisure voucher practical

    • I have lost my leisure voucher. Can I get a new one?

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