Roompot logo rights

The logo was specially designed for Roompot. Roompot has had the logo registered as a trademark, and actively guards against infringement or improper use.

Use by third parties may only be allowed after Roompot's consent and only when the logo package provided by Roompot is used. Roompot's logo consists of a logo (the Roompot wave) and a brand word (Roompot). The logo and brand word are in a fixed relationship with each other. Changes to this are not allowed.


Third parties may only use the Roompot logo and/or corporate identity if Roompot has given prior written consent to a submitted proof.

On behalf of Roompot, department Branding ( is authorised to consent to the use of the Roompot logo and/or corporate identity.

Use - general

  • The logo is done with black lettering. The white-lettered variant prescribed by Roompot is permitted only when readability is compromised. For reproductions of the Roompot logo, use only the original digital documents supplied by Roompot.
  • The logo should not be used in a context in which Roompot's image or name could be harmed.
  • The logo shall not be modified or changed.

So it is not allowed to:

  • Change colours.
  • Add or remove elements or words.
  • Adjust proportions and dimensions.
  • Add design elements such as shadow and such.
  • Turn or transform or tilt the logo.
  • Position the logo in a vertical position.
  • Place the logo in a frame, circle or other shape.

Use - minimum space

  • The optimal space around the logo is 2x the height of the letter R. You may not place any other elements within this space. No texts, no images.
  • The minimum space around the logo is 1x the height of the R.

Use - size

  • For portrait documents, divide the short side by 30. The logo is placed inside the width of 5 columns
  • You can also divide the short side by 30 for landscape documents. The height of 1 segment is used to create the document's grid
  • For specific items, it is necessary that the logo be placed enlarged. The magnification of the logo within a format is always done in increments of 5 columns

Use - positioning

  • Online
    Online, you always place the logo on the top left.
  • Information items
    On printed items, place the logo at the top right. You can only place the logo on the left if the right is not accessible (e.g. on envelopes where the franking space is on the right)
  • Covers and items with a signal function
    On these documents, place the logo in the centre.
  • Narrow items
    On narrow items, place the logo in the centre.

Use - background

  • You may not place the 
  • Place the logo preferably on a white background.
  • The logo may be placed on a photo background under certain conditions. These are the rules:
    • The image you use is quiet and in a neutral colour
    • The image is light enough for the black text
    • The image is dark enough for the white text
    • You may not place the logo in a frame, circle or other shape.

For each holiday home mandatory additional costs apply. The additional costs vary per holiday home and can be found in the pop-up displayed with every price. No rights may be derived from these prices.