Klein Vink

Arcen, Limburg (NL), The Netherlands

  • Spa and beauty centre
  • Recreational lake
  • Surrounded by nature


Klein Vink

Klein Vink 4
5944 EX Arcen
Limburg (NL)
The Netherlands
+31 (0)77 - 4732525

Travel info



For every accommodation there is one free parking space available. For types KV10, KVR6B, KVR6C, KVR6KB, KVR6KC, KVR8 and GB11 there is place for two vehicles and for type GB16 there is place for 3 vehicles. Campsite guests can park their cars at the campsite. Extra cars you can park on the parking space at Thermaalbad Arcen.

Amounts due

Any amounts due listed on your voucher should be paid to our account straight away. If you have already transferred the amount due to our account or are planning to do so immediately, be sure to bring valid proof of payment (e.g. bank statement). You will need to submit this to the park reception when you arrive. If you do not have valid proof of payment you will be obliged to pay the outstanding amount when you arrive at the park. Failure to pay the amount due on time will force us to lock your home. 

Service set

For your convenience we have placed a service set in your accommodation. The set includes practical items such as cleaning products.


Friends and family are very welcome. We kindly request your guests to report to the park reception.


You can access you accommodation from 3 p.m. Did you booked a campsite? This will be available from 1 p.m. on every day of the week. Did you booked a hotel room? This will be available from 2 p.m. You may check in until 6 p.m. on Mondays and until 8 p.m. on Fridays. After this time you can report at the entrance hall of Thermaalbad Arcen until 11 pm.Will you be arriving after the park reception has closed? Please notify the park reception, tel.: 0031 (0)774 732 525.

Did you bookend a hotel room?

If you bookend a hotel room, you can arrive daily. Your hotel room will be available from 2 p.m. Address: Klein Vink 11, 5944 EX Arcen.

Have you booked a special package deal?

You will receive all of the necessary information about your special package at the reception on the day you arrive. Please keep in mind that you should arrive before 6 p.m. if your special package starts on the day you check in.

Access to the park/accommodation

Guests of Klein Vink can check in automatically with their home-based Keycard. Use this Keycard to open the gate. If te gate opens, you are automatically checked in and you can drive directlyto your accommodation. You can use your Keycard as a key. If you have booked a hotel room at Parkhotel Bad Arcen you are required to check in at the hotel reception, where you will receive a code for your hotel room. Tenants of the other types can report at the reception at the main entrance. By showing your confirmation you will receive the key.

The Keycard is strictly personal and can be used for:

  • access to the park
  • access to the accommodation
  • access to the gate at the end of the main car park
  • proof of ID at the park

The Keycard is not a credit card, and it is non-transferable. In case of loss or left, please notify the park reception immediately. Do not keep the Keycard on the dashboard of your car in the sun, near loudspeakers, magnets or mobile telephones.

We regularly have guests who have lost their Keycard or left it in their accommodation. If this happens, inform the park reception as soon as possible.

Wi-Fi Code

If your holiday accommodation has free Wi-Fi, you will find the log-in code on the outside of the kitchen cupboard. You will receive a Wi-Fi code for the hotel when checking in. 

Access to the swimming pool

All guests of Klein Vink have free access to the swimming pool during their stay. On presentation of your Keycard, you get free access.

Guests of Résidence Klein Vink (types KR and GB) have daily 2,5 hours free access to Thermaalbad Arcen. Guests of Parkhotel Bad Arcen have daily free access to Thermaalbad Arcen. For more information, visit www.thermaalbad.nl This free access is only valid for persons who are 18 years or older and during peak hours. Hotel guests have unlimited daily access to the Thermal Spa. Policy for group bookings may differ. 


We kindly ask that you check out of your accommodation before 10 a.m. on the day of your departure. Did you stay at a campsite or hotel room, then you have to leave this no later than 11 a.m. The Keycards don't have to be returned.

After you have left, the housekeeping department checks your holiday accommodation for hygiene, missing inventory and damage. This final inspection is the reason that we charge a deposit of € 65/€ 115 per holiday accommodation per period. If you leave the holiday accommodation according to our rules and your IBAN is known, we will transfer this amount to you 7 days after departure. If the domestic service department has to carry out (cleaning) work, (a part of) the deposit will be retained. You will receive a written notice about this.

All holiday homes and hotel rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed only on terraces/balconies. Should the household service identify marks of smoking indoors in the holiday home, it may be decided to confiscate the security deposit. If people have smoked in a hotel room, a € 150 fine will be charged.

For each holiday home mandatory additional costs apply. The additional costs vary per holiday home and can be found in the pop-up displayed with every price. No rights may be derived from these prices.