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Conditions free thermal bath access for guest Résidence Klein Vink

Guests of Résidence Klein Vink have a daily 2.5 hour access to Thermaalbad Arcen. The following conditions apply:

  • Free access only for guests of Résidence Klein Vink in the following house types: KVR4A, KVR4B, KVR5, KVR6A, KVR6B, KVR6C, KVR6KB, KVR6KC, KVR8, GB11 and GB16. Other house types are not eligible
  • Only for adults (18 years and older) included in the related booking, identity will be checked
  • Access only during the following hours:
    - Mondays to Fridays: check in between 08h30-11h00 and between 16h00-21h00
    - Saturdays: check in between 08h30-11h00 and between 15h00-18h00
    - Sundays: check in between 08h30-11h00 and between 17h00-21h00
  • When checking in outside of the hours stated above, a fee of € 8 p.p. will be charged
  • Free access is limited to 2.5 hours. A longer stay is possible for € 1.50 per 15 minutes
  • Arrival day: you have free access on Monday to Friday from 16h00. No free access on the morning of arrival
  • Departure day: you have no free access to Thermaalbad Arcen
  • It is possible to bring your children to Thermaalbad Arcen. Children aged 2 and up do not have free access. Thermaalbad Arcen is not equipped with child facilities. Thermaalbad Arcen stands for rest and relaxation. In the event that children disturb the rest and relaxation, we will address the children and remove them from the premises. Children aged under 16 can only enter Thermaalbad Arcen when accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Children until 2 years old receive free access to Thermaalbad Arcen (baby diaper mandatory). For children from 2 years to 17 years a rate of € 8 applies for 2.5 hours.
  • You must show your barrier/bungalow pass when checking in. Without the barrier/bungalow pass, no free access is possible
  • Misuse of your barrier/bungalow pass results in blocking it
  • The house rules of Thermaalbad Arcen remain applicable

For each holiday home mandatory additional costs apply. The additional costs vary per holiday home and can be found in the pop-up displayed with every price. No rights may be derived from these prices.