I would like to make a booking

    • How do online bookings work?

    • Is my online booking guaranteed?

    • What is the minimum age to make a booking?

    • What is the deadline for booking a holiday accommodation?

    • What are the additional charges apart from the rent?

    • What is a preferential booking?

    • Is it possible to book a specific number of a holiday home or campsite?

    • Is it possible to indicate a preference for a non-smoking or pet-free holiday home?

    • Can I book extras once I have made my booking?

    • Why can't I add a dog or other pet when I make a booking?

    • Can I book more than 1 holiday accommodation at a time?

    • Where can I find the inventory list for my holiday home?

    • Can I take an option on a holiday home booking?

    • What are the regulations for assistance dogs?

    • How do I book for a period that is not yet bookable via the website?

    • How can I make a booking for a longer period?

    I have made a booking

    • I have made bookings for a midweek and the following weekend. Can I stay in the same accommodation for both bookings?

    • Can someone else take over my booking?

    • The holiday home I booked, has become cheaper. Does this new price apply to me too?

    • When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

    • I have not received confirmation of my booking. What should I do now?

For each holiday home mandatory additional costs apply. The additional costs vary per holiday home and can be found in the pop-up displayed with every price. No rights may be derived from these prices.