Arrival & stay

    Arrival & departure

    • When and how do I get the key, keycard or PIN for my holiday home?

    • Is it possible to arrive on another day than is indicated online?

    • May I use the park facilities on the day of arrival and departure?

    • Where can I check in if reception is closed?

    • Are you allowed to check in if you are not the main booker?

    • My key card doesn't work, what should I do?

    • At what time is my holiday accommodation available?

    • At what time must I leave my holiday accommodation?

    • Where can I hand in my key card or key if reception is closed?

    During your stay

    • What can I expect to find in my holiday accommodation?

    • Which television channels are available in the holiday accommodations?

    • What types of beds can I expect to find in my holiday accommodation?

    • Where can I find important telephone numbers during my stay?

    • Where can I find the manuals for the devices and equipment in my holiday home?

    • Is free Wi-Fi available in my holiday accommodation?

    • Do all of the holiday accommodations have parking spaces?

    • Can I bring my pet on holiday?

    • How many dogs or other pets are allowed in my holiday accommodation?

    • What are the additional expenses for bringing a pet?

    • What is the maximum number of guests in my holiday accommodation?

    • The number of guests will change during my stay. What should I do?

    • May I barbecue during my stay?

    • May I receive visitors during my stay?

    • Can I rent a barbecue?

    • I feel like doing a gourmet during my stay. Is that possible?

For each holiday home mandatory additional costs apply. The additional costs vary per holiday home and can be found in the pop-up displayed with every price. No rights may be derived from these prices.