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Terms and conditions #yesroompot

We love to see your best holiday memories reflected in your holiday photos. We would like to share your best Roompot holiday moments with other holiday lovers.

By using the hashtag #yesroompot, you give Roompot permission to:

  • Share all photos tagged with #yesroompot on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  • Use all photos tagged with #yesroompot on our website (
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For this, you will earn:

  • Free publicity
  • Your name with (if possible) a link to your profile when posting on our social media channels (unless you indicate that you do not want this)
  • You can withdraw your permission at any time

Ownership & attribution
By agreeing to these terms you declare your ownership of the photo. You hereby also declare that all the people in the photo also agree with the conditions. We will always mention the name of the owner whenever possible. If this has not happened, please contact us via and we will publish the attribution within 30 days.

Revoking permission
You may of course always withdraw your permission. Please contact us via and please provide a direct link to the photo in question. The photo will be removed from our digital channels as soon as possible, no later than within 30 days, and will no longer be used in our marketing communications. We can no longer delete photos used in our newsletter and offline channels.