Roompot Guestcard


The Guestcard is a personal card with practical and financial holiday benefits. The extras you have added* appear on the Guestcard.

Once at the park, you can pay with the Guestcard in the catering facility. It is not possible to pay with the Guestcard in the supermarket and at the bike rental. You can see on My Roompot what products appear on your Guestcard, and what the spending amount is.

* Except for practical extras (like bedding and cleaning) and bicycles.

Catering vouchers

Would you like to pre-order catering vouchers? With the Guestcard, you can spend any amount until the total balance is reached. Please note that the credit on a catering voucher is not redeemable for money. You can however take your remaining credit to another Roompot holiday. At the bottom, you will see the parks where the Guestcard can be used.

So keep it safe

You can take he remaining balance of a catering voucher on the card with you to the next holiday. So keep the Guestcard safe. All other booked products and packages are only valid during the holiday for which they are booked. They will expire after check-out.

Lost or stolen

In case of loss or theft of the card, you can apply for a new Guestcard at reception. We'll block the old card right away. If this happens after your holiday, you can have the card blocked and when you book your next stay, you can request a new Guestcard on My Roompot. A few days before your next stay, we will send you a new Guestcard. The content of your Guestcard will remain on the card.

Large groups

We will send 1 Guestcard per booking. If you are with a large group, you can request an additional Guestcard at reception. The main booker remains responsible for the cards and their content.

Participating parks

  • Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad
  • Boomhiemke
  • Bospark ’t Wolfsven
  • Bospark De Bikkels
  • Bospark De Schaapskooi
  • Bospark Lunsbergen
  • Camping De Zandput (with the exception of the beach pavilion)
  • Camping Dishoek
  • Cape Helius
  • De Katjeskelder
  • De Soeten Haert
  • Ferienresort Bad Bentheim
  • Ferienresort Cochem
  • Hof Domburg
  • Vakantiepark Hunzedal
  • Hunzepark
  • Klein Vink
  • Kustpark Egmond aan Zee
  • Kustpark Texel
  • Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad
  • Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard
  • Parkhotel Bad Arcen
  • Residence Klein Vink
  • Roompot Beach Resort
  • Strandpark Duynhille
  • Vakantiepark Callassande
  • Vakantiepark Kijkduin
  • Vakantiepark Aquadelta
  • Weerterbergen
  • Zeebad