Our lines are quite busy, so our waiting times are currently a bit longer than usual.Please see the FAQ section.

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Safe Stay

For your safety and ours

A range of measures are in place at our parks for your safety and ours. In doing so we comply with the guidelines as set out by the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), as well as by the government. This means some facilities may be closed. The facilities that remain open will undergo more frequent, deep cleans. Please follow the staff's guidelines and instructions at all times. To help ensure you enjoy a safe, carefree stay with us. If you can't find the information you are looking for, check out our special FAQ page.

General measures

  • We adhere to at least 1.5 m social distancing.
  • We believe greeting one another is absolutely fine, but ask you to keep a safe distance apart and not to shake hands.
  • We regularly wash our hands with soap. We ensure ample soap and paper hand towels are available at all times. Disinfectant stations are set up at multiple locations.
  • We sneeze and cough into our elbows.

Checking in & out

  • Have you been given a door pin code or key card? If so, you can drive straight to your accommodation. You do not need to check in or out at Reception. You do not need to drop the key card off at Reception upon departure.
  • Don't have a door pin code or key card?If so, please come to Reception to check in & out (max. 1 person per accommodation, no groups).

Your accommodation

  • As ever, we ensure your holiday home is properly cleaned. In these unprecedented times we will do so even more thoroughly. For example, by ventilating your holiday home prior to your arrival, using new cloths for each new area and extra attention for points of contact, such as (door) handles and light switches. All guidelines and instructions for a safe stay can be found on the flyer in your accommodation.
  • Furthermore, we kindly ask you strip the white bed linen and place in the blue bag prior to your departure. Rented towels can also be placed in this blue bag.

All facilities

  • The number of visitors per facility is restricted. You might have to wait outside for a short while, but you will get in. That's a promise! To safeguard 1.5 m social distancing, some facilities may limit group sizes, such as at Reception and with meal collection. The other members of your group can briefly wait outside, of course.
  • Signed routes have been introduced in a number of places. These ensure social distancing is upheld between guests arriving and leaving. The signed routes are easily identified by the floor signage.
  • There is always the option to pay via the card machine with contactless payments being the preferred choice. This avoids unnecessary hand contact.
  • All points of contact are cleaned every 30 minutes, or after use.
  • All our staff members wear gloves, for your safety and theirs.
  • Many facilities have a plastic screen. Ensuring our staff can safely interact with you.

Food & Drink

  • In some parks, it is compulsory to reserve a space inside our restaurants.
     If you prefer to sit outside on the terrace, reservation won't be necessary.
  • In the restaurant, with delivery or with collection, please place your order digitally or with an employee, keeping 1.5 meters distance.
  • We provide enough space in the restaurant. That's why some tables have been removed.

Supermarket and/or shop

  • The use of a trolley or basket is mandatory in the supermarket. By enforcing this rule we can ensure low footfall in the supermarket. Meaning you can shop in safety in low numbers.
  • We have placed gloves for you to use in the baker's corner. Please wear these when using the tongs to pick up your bread.
  • We advise you to leave prams and buggies behind when you go shopping, due to possible alterations made in the supermarket and shops.
  • Unfortunately, at present it is not possible to exchange or return clothing.
  • We will place till receipts either in the bag alongside your purchased items, or on the counter.

Bike rental

  • If possible, we advise you to book your bike rental in advance. You can collect pre-booked bikes outside; our staff will tell you where to collect the key(s).
  • We can only provide assistance at a distance, e.g. when readjusting the saddle.
  • Upon accepting the receipt you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of hire. To avoid unnecessary contact we will not ask for a confirmation signature.

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds

    • Playing in the indoor and outdoor playground is always at your own risk. We ask parents to remotely monitor their children.
    • The playgrounds are only accessible to children up to the age of 12. Parents can monitor remotely.
    • All playgrounds have a clearly marked entrance and exit. This way we can ensure that everyone can safely enter the playground and leave safely.
    • To prevent other children from getting sick, we ask you not to let sick children play in the playgrounds.
    • Clean hands are important! Therefore, all children must wash/disinfect their hands before entrance.
    • On the playgrounds, there is a maximum number of children per device. To give all children the same chance to play, there are time slots. Your child may therefore have to wait awhile.
    • The ball pit in the indoor playground is unfortunately closed. The other play equipment in the indoor playground can be used, and is cleaned regularly.

Sport & Entertainment

      • Your children's safety is our top priority. That's why the minimum participation age for all supervised activities is 4 years. DIY and digital activities are available to children under 4 years of age. We kindly ask parents to not come in but to wait outside.
      • The number of participants permitted per activity and/or facility is limited. Is the session fully booked? Other DIY or digital activities always run in conjunction with the supervised activities. So there is always something to do. Or, pop by again a little later. Some activities take place throughout the day. Time slots apply to a few of the activities and/or facilities.
      • Fancy a round of miniature golf? One family or group is permitted per round.
      • Only one person is permitted on the trampolines at any one time. This helps us safeguard the necessary distance between you and our other guests.
      • Koos Konijn will make an appearance at the parks now and again. For safety reasons, Koos Konijn will stay 1.5m away, and only a limited number of guests will be permitted to greet Koos from a distance.

Swimming pools

      • All swimming pools are open (except the indoor pool at Resort Arcen and the pool at Cochem, they are closed).
      • Pool capacity is limited to ensure 1.5m minimal social distancing is upheld. For this reason we are only able to welcome park guests in the swimming pools for now. Admission will occur via a reservation system.
      • Children under 12 years old can visit the swimming pool if accompanied by an adult.
      • Large changing rooms cannot be used for the time being. We therefore recommend you wear your swimwear under your clothes when you arrive. You can then remove your outer clothing in a changing cubicle and put it in a locker. It will be clear at a distance which lockers you can use.
      • For hygiene reasons the pool play equipment cannot be used.
      • Please leave the swimming pool via the designated route. You can get changed in the cubicles.
      • Hair-dryers cannot be used at present. This helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

Wellness treatments

    • Wellness (facial) treatments can resume, by appointment only.
    • Please ensure you arrive on time for your treatment. This means we won't have to wait on others.
    • Duo treatments are not yet permitted, unfortunately.