Park regulations

Welcome to our holiday park! We are looking forward to making your stay a pleasant one and serving you according to your wishes. To achieve that, however, we will need your cooperation. It goes without saying that a park of this kind cannot function without proper rules. These rules ensure your safety and that of your fellow-guests. For that reason we have drawn up a number of park regulations. Together with the General Terms and Conditions and the Recron Conditions that apply to the agreement between you and us, the rules form a single unit and apply to all our guests staying in the park.

All the concepts used in these park regulations link up with the definitions set out in the General Terms and Conditions. For that reason we use such terms as ‘Company’, ‘Occupant’ and ‘Guest’. We refer you to the General Terms and Conditions for an extensive overview of the definitions. Please turn to our Reception for further questions about those terms and conditions. Our staff will be very pleased to serve you.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and wish you a very pleasant stay in our park!

Arrival and Departure

The arrival information indicates the time from which the holiday accommodation shall be available.

  • Leave your holiday accommodation on the day of departure, no later than 10.00 am.
  • Camp sites must be cleared and clean by 11:00 am on the day of departure.

Leave the accommodation neat and tidy upon departure. Take your waste with you, and drop it off sorted at the recycling point. Thus, we keep the park clean, free of pests and you can help to create a better environment.

Visitors and guests

Visitors can register at the Service point, and are then welcome at the park until 11:00 pm. If the visitors stay over for the night, please register them at the Service point as a Guest in advance. The Entrepreneur has the right to refuse guests.

You pay tourist tax/local taxes per guest and per night, and at some parks, a bed linen package is mandatory.

The same General Terms and Conditions, RECRON Conditions and the Park Regulations apply to all guests. As a Holiday Maker you are responsible for your guests, please ensure they are aware of the rules and conditions.

Electricity, gas and water

We want you to enjoy a comfortable holiday. In solidarity with the whole of Europe facing energy shortages, we also try to use our consumption wisely. You too can contribute to this by:

  • Not opening windows and doors unnecessarily while the heating and/or air conditioning are on. Close them when you leave, too.
  • Only turn the radiators in the bathrooms on when the bathroom is in use. Turn them off when not using the bathroom or leaving.
  • Can the ventilation in the bathroom be adjusted? Set the switch to the lowest setting by default. When using the bathroom, you can of course set the switch higher.

When booking a camping pitch, you will be told how many amps are available. The maximum amperage may vary per park and pitch. Make sure not to exceed this amount. In case of a power cut, first check your own fuses and those in the pitch's power box.

Switch off electrical appliances in the event of a power cut, if they are not automatically switched off.

Using or tapping electricity outside your own accommodation is not allowed in any way.

Electric cars

Electric cars may only be charged at specially designated charging stations or charging points at holiday accommodations. Not from a socket in the holiday accommodation.


Football and other ball games are only allowed in the designated areas.

The use of the park's facilities is always at your own risk.


Each unit features its own unique décor. Taking furniture outside or moving it to other accommodations is not allowed.

Keep the rented accommodation tidy inside and out. Do not put bicycles against the wall. Clean up toys, bikes and other loose items and store out of sight before you leave.

All our accommodations are non-smoking. Smoking in your own campingfacility is allowed, but is always at your own risk.

Marquees are not allowed.


Official European rules apply to flying drones. For example, you are not allowed to fly above crowds of people, connected buildings and areas around airports and other 'no-fly zones'. If you violate these rules, you can get a warning or fine, and your drone can be confiscated.

Always check these rules and the drone map in advance. It states where you may and may not fly. In addition, always take other people into consideration, and respect the privacy and quietude of all guests.


At parks where pets are allowed, the following rules apply:

Pets may not cause a nuisance to other guests. Therefore, always keep uncaged pets outside on a leash. Let them out at the designated walking points, or outside the park. Be alert for mishaps and clean up dog poop immediately.

Pets are not allowed inside the public park facilities, unless clearly stated otherwise. As a Holiday Maker you are obliged to comply with all legal requirements for bringing and accommodating pets.

Waste and Hygiene

Do not leave food at the park, and sort waste into sealed plastic bags. Dispose of the waste in the appropriate container at the park, not next to it or anywhere else in the park. This does not apply to pruning, mowing and other green waste. There are special green waste locations for this.

Picking flowers, pulling off shrubs, sawing branches, digging holes or hammering nails into trees are not allowed. Any other form of damage to the 'public landscaping' on the park is also not permitted.

Bulky waste such as pallets, white goods, garden chairs, rugs may not be left in the park. Exceptions to this are only possible with the permission of the park manager.

Feeding animals

Do not feed birds or other animals in the park. Unless this is clearly indicated in designated places, such as a petting zoo.

Camp sites

The Entrepreneur has the right to give instructions about the placement or relocation of camping equipment.

To collect drain water, use the designated drain point or a special drainage tank. Disposing of drain water in any other way or place is not permitted.

Keycards & Keys

Never give your keys or keycards to others. In case of lost keys, we charge €115 replacement costs. Hand in all the keys to the holiday accommodation at the Service point before departure. You can leave keycards in the mailbox at the Service point or at the boom gate.

Atmosphere, sleep and nuisance

Together and for each other, we create a lovely atmosphere at the park. Nuisance in any form, affects that negatively. We rely on your sense of responsibility, and general sense of decency. Please behave neatly and calmly, put yourself in someone else's shoes and be considerate of each other. Have respect for other people's belongings, peace and privacy.

The use of sound carriers, musical instruments and other objects or devices that may cause noise pollution, may not cause any hindrance. When we receive a complaint, that nuisance is in principle a fact.

Public drunkenness and possession of opened bottles and/or cans of alcohol is prohibited. The same applies for setting off fireworks at the park.

The period between 11:00 pm and 07:00 am applies as sleeping time at the park. Then, the use of motorised transport is not permitted, as are loud conversations and other noise.

Most parks have a security service. Always follow instructions from the (security) staff.

Maintenance - cleaning - malfunctions

The Entrepreneur may perform (cleaning) work around the holiday accommodation from 08:00 am.

If you have an urgent malfunction, please report it to the Service point. We will resolve this as soon as possible.

The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur may always enter rented holiday accommodations for inspection and/or carrying out maintenance work. The Entrepreneur may also temporarily close buildings and installations for maintenance work. In both situations, the Holiday Maker is not entitled to a refund of the rent or part thereof. Where possible, the Entrepreneur will announce a visit as early as possible. In urgent situations, the Entrepreneur may refrain from making an announcement.


In principle, one car is allowed per holiday accommodation, unless otherwise indicated. Please park only in the indicated parking spaces. Parking is not allowed along the road, or on empty camp sites.

If it is allowed to park the car with camping equipment, park within the camp site.

Visitors' cars are only allowed in the central parking lot or outside the park, not at the holiday accommodation. The Entrepreneur may change the parking policy, and have vehicles removed if they are not parked according to the rules. The costs shall be borne by the Guest.

Mail & telephone

Incoming mail is delivered alphabetically by family name in the mailboxes at the Service point. Delivery and collection of mail is the responsibility of the Guest. The Entrepreneur is not responsible for loss or damage to mail items or their storage.

Public ablution facilities

The communal toilet blocks are cleaned several times a day. Please also leave the toilet blocks clean after use. Children under the age of 6 are only allowed to use the toilet blocks when accompanied by an adult. The ablution and toilet block can only be used for what they are intended and as the name indicates.


The entire park must always be accessible to emergency services in the event of disasters. It is therefore important that barriers, access roads, and bicycle and footpaths are always free of cars and other obstacles. In addition, always follow the traffic and safety instructions of the staff.

It is not allowed to repair or wash cars or other vehicles at the park, unless there is a possibility indicated for this.

Trailers, damage and scrap cars, and other vehicles and vessels may not be parked or stored in the park. Just like any other goods or substances that may have been discarded from use.

The maximum speed for all vehicles at the park is 10 km per hour, unless otherwise indicated. Pedestrians and children playing always have priority. In addition, the standard traffic rules apply.

Scooters, mopeds, electric scooters and/or other electrically propelled means of transport (excluding cars and mobility scooters) are not permitted at the park. Exceptions are only possible with the written permission of the park manager.

Open fire is always forbidden. Also, burning candles without anyone present, and throwing away cigarettes, cigars and matches is prohibited. Explosive substances that are hazardous in fire are prohibited.

Barbecuing is allowed provided that the barbecue is at least 3 meters from trees, shrubs, fences, buildings and the holiday residence. In addition, it is mandatory to have a bucket with 10 litres of water within reach. As fuel for the barbecue, you can only use electricity, gas, charcoal and briquettes.

The Entrepreneur may prohibit the use of a barbecue in special circumstances (for example extreme drought).

Don't throw away disposable barbecues until they've been completely extinguished and cooled. Self-brought electricity, gas and/or water installations must meet the legal requirements.

For camp sites, the use of a maximum of 2 propane or butane bottles is permitted, outside the camping equipment. Only use bottles up to max. 45 litres and with an approved gas hose. Butane gas hoses (black) and propane gas hoses (orange) should not be older than 2 years. Gas pressure regulators should not be older than 5 years. Do not dig gas cylinders into the ground and always ensure good ventilation.

Lost/found items

Hand in lost and found items at the Service point. If the owner of a found object has not come forward within one month of delivery, the object will be discarded.

The Entrepreneur is not liable for any damage to the found object. Sending lost and found objects is possible. This is at the risk and expense of the Guest.


  • Delivering door-to-door advertising
  • Swimming pools with a diameter of more than 120 centimetres or with a height greater than 25 centimetres
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Offering services, or holding private or public sales
  • Consuming alcohol outside the holiday accommodation or catering establishments.
  • Possessing, trading and using nitrous oxide, soft and hard drugs
  • Possessing tap installations with pressure cylinders
  • Possession and use of guns and weapons.

Non-compliance with park rules

The agreements, conditions and rules from the General Terms and Conditions, the RECRON conditions and the Park Regulations are mandatory and not open to interpretation. Always follow instructions from the Entrepreneur, staff and security service. This also applies to the rules that apply to the use of the Facilities.

Violating and not complying with these rules has consequences. In principle, this is first a warning, possibly with an extra charged deposit. A next step is possibly eviction from the park or denying access to the park. In urgent situations, the Entrepreneur may proceed without warning with the immediate removal of Holiday Maker(s). You are not entitled to a refund of the rent or part thereof. However, the Entrepreneur may claim compensation for the damage possibly caused or costs incurred during the eviction.

Unforeseen cases

In case of doubt, exceptions or cases that are not regulated in the General Terms and Conditions, the RECRON Conditions or these Park Regulations, the choice of the park manager is always leading.

  • Rebooking guarantee up to 28 days
  • Flexible payment
  • Free cancellation within 24 hours

Rebooking guarantee

up to 28 days

Changed your plans? No problem, you can change your booking for free up to 28 days before arrival.



Want to pay in instalments at no extra cost? No problem! You pay the first instalment within 15 days of booking and the total amount no later than 8 weeks before arrival.

Free cancellation

within 24 hours

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