Park regulations

Welcome to our holiday park! We are looking forward to making your stay a pleasant one and serving you according to your wishes. To achieve that, however, we will need your cooperation. It goes without saying that a park of this kind cannot function without proper rules. These rules ensure your safety and that of your fellow-guests. For that reason we have drawn up a number of park regulations. Together with the General Terms and Conditions and the Recron Conditions that apply to the agreement between you and us, the rules form a single unit and apply to all our guests staying in the park.

All the concepts used in these park regulations link up with the definitions set out in the General Terms and Conditions. For that reason we use such terms as ‘Company’, ‘Occupant’ and ‘Guest’. We refer you to the General Terms and Conditions for an extensive overview of the definitions. Please turn to our Reception for further questions about those terms and conditions. Our staff will be very pleased to serve you.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and wish you a very pleasant stay in our park!

Arrival and departure

The travel and access information indicates the time from which your accommodation is available.

Holiday residences are required to be vacated by 10 a.m.

Campsite places are required to be vacated by 11 a.m. on the day of departure. This implies they should be vacant and clean.

No refuse must be left at, around or on the Accommodation. Waste products must be (separated and) deposited in the appropriate containers. Placing bin liners (or loose refuse) anywhere in the park is prohibited for reasons of hygiene and to prevent attracting vermin (or animals in general).


Visitors are very welcome and should report to Reception on arrival. Visitors are expected to have left the park before 11 p.m. Deviation from this rule is only possible with permission from the park manager. If the visitors wish to stay overnight, this must be reported to Reception. Visitors are registered as overnight guests, for which a fee will be charged. The Company reserves the right to refuse overnight guests. Visitors must observe the rules set out in these Regulations.

Guests of the Occupant are required to observe the same rules as the Occupant. Occupants must ensure that their guests are informed about the relevant rules that apply to them, as set out in the General Terms and Conditions, the Recron Conditions and the Park Regulations.

Energy (water/electricity)

Electrical current intensity (amperage) may differ from park to park or even for different types of camp site. Amperages are stated on camp site reservation forms. Occupants should ensure that the electrical appliances used do not exceed the required amperages.

During power cuts Park Guests must check their own fuses in the fuse boxes before calling in the Park services. Any electrical appliances in use and not automatically disconnected should be switched off.

It is not permitted to tap electricity from toilet buildings or other (public) buildings, including lampposts.

It is not permitted to charge an electric car from your holiday home.

Park facilities

Football and other ball games are only permitted at specially designated places.

Use of park facilities is for the risk of the user.

Accommodation use

The holiday residences each have their own furniture. It is not permitted to take residence furniture outside, nor to relocate (garden) furniture to other holiday residences.

Guests are required to keep the rented property and the immediate surroundings in a clean and orderly state. Waste must at all times be deposited in the designated containers or waste bins.

During absence from or around the Accommodation, visitors must ensure that loose objects such as bicycles, toys etc. around the Accommodation (and, in the case of campsite places, at the Accommodation) are tidied away and placed out of sight as much as possible. It is not permitted to place bicycles against the holiday residences.

It is not permitted to set up party tents at the campsites and rental accommodations without the permission of the park manager or security staff

Drones are not allowed without the permission of the park manager or security staff


In so far as pets are allowed in the park, the following rules apply:

Uncaged pets must at all times be kept on a leash, except inside the holiday accommodation, and must not in any way cause nuisance to other Guests in the park.

Pets must be walked at designated places only. If such places are not available, they must be walked at permitted places outside the park. In case of ‘accidents’, the dog walker is required to ensure removal of the mess.

Pets are not allowed in public places, swimming pools, restaurants, cafés or bars, supermarkets etc. unless expressly indicated otherwise.

(Co-)occupants themselves are responsible for compliance with all legal requirements applying to pets in the park. 

Hygiene and maintenance

Feeding birds or other animals in the park is prohibited. In connection with hygiene and vermin prevention, leaving food in the park is strictly prohibited.

Refuse must be deposited in the designated (separate) containers. It is prohibited to place refuse next to the containers or elsewhere in the park. Refuse must be packaged in closed plastic liners.

Leaving coarse refuse such as pallets, white goods, garden furniture, carpets, etc. in the park is prohibited, unless permitted by the park manager at a designated place.

It is not permitted to deposit green refuse (hedge trimmings, grass cuttings) in the containers.

It is not permitted to pick flowers, pull off branches, pull shrubs out of the ground or hit nails into trees.
Digging holes in the ground or causing damage to public plants or trees are also prohibited.

Use of campsite

The Company reserves the right to issue instructions or have instructions issued regarding the placement of camping resources.

Drainage water must at all times be captured in the designated tanks. If there is a drainage facility it must be used.

Pouring waste water outside the designated drainage sites is strictly prohibited.

Use and return of keys, passes, etc.

The loss of keys/passes etc. is charged to the Occupant’s account (in the case of loss of keys the amount is € 115). It is not permitted to allow other persons the use of keys or passes.

On departure all keys received by Guests for the purpose of their stay in the park must be handed in to Reception.

Night-time hours and nuisance

Guests are required to behave correctly in general, and to avoid all forms of behaviour that may reasonably offend or cause nuisance to the Company or other Guests.

The Guests’ night’s rest must be respected during the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. We expect our guests to strictly observe the rules in this respect. This means, among other things, no loud conversations, music or any other loud noises. The use of motorised vehicles during these hours is prohibited.

It is not permitted to use radios, music play-back equipment, musical instruments or other potentially nuisance-causing objects in such a way that nuisance is caused. Nuisance is in principle established on reception of a complaint by another park guest.

Public drunkenness is prohibited. The possession of opened bottles or cans of alcohol is assumed to constitute a form of public drunkenness.

Setting off fireworks is prohibited in the park. 

Most parks employ security staff. Instructions issued by park personnel (including security staff) must be instantly followed.

Maintenance and cleaning activities / malfunctions

The Company reserves the right to have (cleaning) activities carried out around the Accommodation from 8 a.m. onwards.

Urgent technical malfunctions that have been reported to Reception will be dealt with as soon as possible.

The Company always has the right to enter any rented holiday accommodation for the purpose of inspection or maintenance activities, without the Occupant being entitled to a complete or partial refund of the paid or owed (rental) amounts. The Company is also entitled to take buildings or installations temporarily out of operation, without the Guest being entitled to receive a complete or partial refund of the paid or owed sum. Where possible the Company will announce such visits. In cases of emergency the Company may dispense with such an announcement.


In general one car per Accommodation is permitted, unless otherwise indicated. Visitors’ cars are not permitted on the park site. The Company reserves the right to revise its parking policy.

Parking is restricted to the designated places. If it is permitted to place a car near camping resources, the vehicle must be parked within the campsite place. Parking in empty campsite places is not permitted.

Parking on park roads is prohibited at all times.

In case of infringement of the parking regulations, the Company reserves the right to have the vehicle removed. The costs of such removal will be charged to the Guest’s account.

Park News

The Park News contains information about the following:

  • Information about the Park
  • Opening times and activities
  • How to act in case of a disaster
  • Use of the facilities
  • Access to the park and its facilities
  • Important telephone numbers an addresses

Park News is available from the park’s reception desk. The Company is free to change the Park News and/or change or cancel activities. Guests cannot derive any rights from Park News.

Mail / telephone

Incoming mail (including fax messages) is placed in alphabetical order (of family name) in the mail compartments at Reception.

The mail is placed in the designated mail compartments. Collecting the postal items is the Guest’s responsibility.

The Company is not responsible for lost or damaged postal items.

Sanitary provisions

It is not permitted to use the toilet buildings at the park site for purposes other than intended. The communal toilet buildings are cleaned several times a day. Guests are expected to leave the buildings in a clean state after use.

Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to use the sanitary facilities without adult supervision.

Safety requirements

Guests are required to instantly comply with all traffic and safety regulations and instructions by park staff.

With a view to disasters and to protect access and exit facilities (for emergency services) paths, access roads and barriers must at all times be free from vehicles and other obstacles.

It is not permitted to carry out motor vehicle repairs or to wash cars, unless explicit facilities are offered for such purposes.

It is not permitted to park or have in storage at the park damaged or scrap cars, trailers or other vehicles or vessels, or other goods or substances possibly withdrawn from use.

Normal traffic rules apply to the park. In deviation thereof, the maximum speed for all vehicles at the park is 10 kilometres per hour, unless expressly indicated otherwise. Local traffic only is permitted. Pedestrians and (playing) children always have right of way.

It is not permitted in the park to use scooters, mopeds, electrical steps or other electrically propelled means of transport (except cars and scoot mobiles). In special cases exemption from this prohibition may be granted at the park manager’s discretion. Such exemptions only apply when they are in writing.

Open fires are strictly prohibited at all parks. Due to the danger of fire, burning candles without a person’s presence, and the throwing away of burning cigars, cigarettes or matches are prohibited. The presence of inflammatory or explosive substances is also prohibited. It is not allowed to set up a Christmas tree or Christmas decorations in the holiday homes.

The use of barbecue appliances is permitted provided these are installed not less than 3 metres from trees, bushes, fences, buildings and the Accommodation. In addition, a bucket with approximately 10 litres of water must be kept on hand for emergencies. Electricity, gas, charcoal and briquets may be used for barbecue fuel. The Company reserves the right to ban the use of barbecue facilities in special circumstances (for example extreme drought).

Due to the danger of fire, throwaway barbecue appliances must not be deposited in the designated containers as long as such appliances have not cooled down or have not been extinguished.

Electrical or gas or water installations brought into the park must comply with legal requirements.

After rental of a campsite place, the use of canistered gas (propane or butane) is permitted to a maximum of 45 litres per canister and a maximum of 2 canisters per camping resource. The canisters must be placed outside the camping resource and must not be buried. Sufficient ventilation must be ensured. The use of gas canisters is for the responsibility of the Guest who uses them.

LPG tanks other than those used for the powering of cars are prohibited. The use of paraffin heaters is also prohibited.

Gas hoses may only be used when approved. Butane gas hoses (black) and propane gas hoses (orange) must not be older than 2 years. Gas pressure controls must not be older than 5 years.

If a fire starts under any circumstances whatsoever, the Guest must instantly raise the alarm to enable the fire to be extinguished as rapidly as possible.

(Other) prohibitions

It is not permitted in the park to

  • distribute door-to-door advertising;
  • sell matters (door to door) in the park;
  • bring in or set up baths with a diameter of more than 120 centimetres or with a height greater that 25 centimetres;
  • offer services; hold private or public sales;
  • use alcohol outside the Accommodation or bars or other catering establishments;
  • use, possess or trade in nitrous oxide;
  • use, or be in possession of (soft) drugs in or around the Accommodation;
  • to have on hand any tapping installation with pressure cylinders;
  • be in possession of fire arms.

Lost / found property

Property lost and found may be handed in to Reception. If the owner has already departed, found property may be returned or forwarded to the Guest (on his request, cash on delivery) at the Guest’s own expense and risk. The Company cannot be held liable for any damage to the object found.

If the owner of found property fails to report the previous loss within a month after delivery of the found property, it will be assumed that he or she has relinquished possession of the property in question.

Removal from / denial of access to the Park

All Guests are required to strictly observe the regulations set out in the General Terms and Conditions, the Recron Conditions and the Park regulations, and to follow the instructions of the Company’s employees or, if present, security personnel, issued in whatever form or context. This also applies to the regulations regarding Facilities.

Infringements of these terms and conditions, or non-compliance with instructions by park employees may cause removal from the Park and consequent denial of access to the Park, without the Occupant being entitled to any or a partial refund for the paid or owed (rental) amounts, without prejudice to the right of the Company to claim compensation for the loss or damage caused by the infringement.
In general, a first warning will be issued. In urgent cases, a first warning may, at the Company’s discretion, be dispensed with and removal from the Park or denial of access to the Park will be instantly proceeded with. The Company reserves the right to charge an extra deposit sum to the Occupant’s account.

Unforeseen cases

In cases not provided for either in the General Terms and Condition, or in the Recron Conditions or these Park regulations, the Park Manager decides.